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Gwendolyn began performing at a young age starring in full scale "productions" in her back yard. She danced; She sang; She broke hearts around the neighborhood. After graduating from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as a Theatre Arts major, she began a four year residency at Beverly Hills' own Theatre 40, LA's oldest repertoire company. In 2000, with the debut of her self-released Ultrasounds, music became her main focus. The album featured "Freedom of the Heart (Ooodily Ooodily)" a kid-friendly tune born to suggest that Gwendolyn create an entire album for kids. In 2003 Gwendolyn simultaneously released her sophomore effort Dew as well as Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang, both to wide critical acclaim. Thus began her dual career as neo-folk troubadour… and children’s pop idol. Look for more of Gwendolyn's "grown-up" music at gwendolyn.net. She also enjoys writing and directing music videos. As her "day-job" she composes music with her husband Brandon for Showtime's hysterical comedy "Weeds" and the Netflix original series "Orange is the New Black" and the new musical "Romy And Michele's High School Reunion."
Nate grew up in Texas and his first instrument was the violin. His dad is a fiddle player, so it seemed like the obvious choice. When he moved to Los Angeles in high school, he figured out that Stairway to Heaven sounds a lot better on the guitar than the violin, so he switched instruments and started playing in rock bands. Nate and Shmedly made two albums with their band Arlo and when the band broke up, Nate went on to play with The Elected and the 60's garage band The Seeds. He plays soccer and tennis and likes to read every day. Nate is the newest member of the Good Time Gang and enjoys making friends all over the world.
At a very young age Brandon resolved that he would do three things in his life...become a race car driver, practice karate, and play music in a band. Coming from a musical family where his father played piano and mother sang and played guitar, it wasn't long before Brandon picked up the drums. After ten years of drum lessons and performance with several different groups, he started to learn the guitar, bass, piano, and harmonica to become a more well rounded performer. Quazar and the Bamboozled, his own band in which he sings lead and plays piano, came into existence when he called upon all of his favorite musicians he met over time to join together and form one giant super group. He also plays pots and pans with Gwendolyn in her grown up group. Playing in the Good Time Gang is his entire dream come true however, because he's known to get a few speeding tickets racing to make it to the shows in time and every performance he practices karate all over his drum set.
Dylan Jones is a native Angelina who began her singing career from a crib. She acted in her first play at 5 and has been spontaneously combusting stages ever since. At 6, she began dance and has sought out everything from ballet, jazz, modern, and dance movement, to African, Indian, and Salsa. She was dancing, singing and cheering her way through high school when she began choreography. Her path has taken her across the country and back performing in every kind of theatrical incarnation from avant-garde black boxes to huge productions for the masses. She has a home in several theatre companies, and can be seen in various films and television shows. She is delighted to have joined her friends in Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang where she gets to just be herself. She can be found glittered at any time wearing flowers in her hair dancing barefoot on a grassy knoll.

Shereen's innate love for the performing arts surfaced at age 5, when she'd write songs with her younger brother and sing them for anyone who'd listen out the back window while jumping on their parents' bed. She went on to pursue the study of the stage and graduated from LACHSA as a theatre major. A handful of commercials and short films later, she turned her focus to vocal music and moved to New Orleans with collaborator Douglas Lee to develop their band Uva Ursi, returning to L.A. to record "The Search Party". With tenure in Korean Martial Arts, Shereen helped to teach children about Eastern Philosophy. It’s worth mentioning that she can challenge you up a steep hill and around a 100 mile block on a bicycle but if you win, she’s a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, too so keep that in mind. And don’t leave non-ballistic weapons lying around because, well, she’s Chuck Norris like that. Concerning ballistics, she chooses not to go there but it's cool because she can disarm you with a smile. Oh, and she can juggle! Catch up with Shereen’s other projects on youtube; they include a self-titled solo act, The 5 o’clock Shakedown and she’s also one of Quazar’s Bamboozled. Shereen is thoroughly enjoying every moment with The Good Time Gang and the opportunity to exercise her inner child… it’s been getting a little "husky" if you know what I mean.

Ryan "Shmedly" Maynes got his nick name as a skinny 14 years old. (If you look up "Shmedly" in the dictionary you'll find it's another name for a stick figure drawing...) He graduated from the Los Angeles County High School For the Arts a third year music student and went on to sign record deals with Interscope and Sub Pop with bands like Date With Dizzy and Arlo. Check out his more current bands Holliston Stops and The Electrolites on MySpace. He's toured all over the world and the last few years he's enjoyed working with composers on such TV shows as Third Rock From The Sun, That 70's (and 80s) Show and Weeds. His favorite thing is scoring independent films. He's the only parent in the Good Time Gang (as of yet) and hopes his sons Jasper and Atticus will grow up to play in a band with him one day.
When Robert was twelve his friends in his Pasadena neighborhood wanted to start a rock band and his sister suggested that he play the bass. Robert responded: "What’s the bass?" He soon figured it out and started attending the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts where he received a Norris Foundation scholarship for music and his jazz quartet, King Taco, won the High School Monterey Jazz Festival Competition and performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival. He has played with rock, pop, jazz, folk, hip-hop, and country bands but must admit that none of them can rock the Eensie Weensie Spider like the Good Time Gang. Besides playing music Robert really likes school. He has a BA with high honors in history from UC Berkeley and a law degree from UCLA School of Law.

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